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"The risks of (global warming) are sufficient to warrant a robust response".
A word about the name, Step One; While this action is for everyone concerned about global warming, it is hoped that people who have not previously come forward as supporters of actions to return the planet to climate stability will respond, as well. For them, this will be a first step. For the many people who are and have been working tirelessly over the last 30+ years, (obviously not the first step) we hope you are not offended by this title.
Please make suggestions so that I can improve the collection of stickers.
Step One
The Conversation

It is extremely important that you participate in a national conversation about Global Warming.... become a part of the solution.

As you have probably guessed, I accept the consensus of the climate science community that global warming is upon us and poses a significant threat to our way of life. With this acceptance comes personal responsibly to become involved in the effort to alter this trend and return the planet's climate to stability; somewhere close to the state that has existed for all of human history. It is time to organize and make commitments.

It has been 32 years since evidence of anthropogenic global warming was first presented by the scientific community to the United States
government. The body of evidence and understanding of its implications for the future of life on Earth has advanced considerably since that time. One would expect that corrective measures would have been implemented by now. However, because of the efforts of a small group of individuals, who have a lot of wealth and personal power to loose, our effectiveness (as a country and a species) in dealing with the challenges of AGW is not progressing to meaningful solutions at scale quickly enough. These few individuals have deployed their money and influence for the short term benefit of a few at the expense of the many. 

The only antidote to this political dynamic is broad visible popular support for the implementation of corrective measures to eliminate the threats of global warming. Politicians have no defense against millions of people demanding action. But currently those on our side have not offered enough cover and support to our elected representatives to allow for positive action. It is simple electoral physics. It is time for all concerned people to stand and be counted. What is the expression, "stand for something or count for nothing"? I believe you, the concerned, make a very large group, but the threshold for action has not been reached. Many do not feel empowered. Many are distracted by the challenges of life which are great now. Others do not know what to do that could possibly make a difference. The simplest solutions to AGW seem impossible to implement at scale. Therefore, I propose; 
STEP ONE - the Conversation, an action that is simple, requires little effort, a little bravery and will knock the opposition on their collective butts. I invite you to do the following:

  1. Select a sticker that represents your concern relative to global warming and the effort of returning the planet to climate stability, or choose the Climate Hawk. The message should be positive and responsible.
  2. Place a sticker on your car or another portable place (that you own) that is public.
  3. Tell your friends & associates what you did.

 1,000,000 well placed stickers in 6 months is the initial goal (We would be in a better place if this happened yesterday). Taken together, these messages are the conversation. What you choose to message about global warming is up to you. This will accomplish the following;

  •  It will initiate a public conversation.
  • We find out who is with us. We already know who is against us.
  • We raise public awareness of global warming and those (real people) who are concerned.
  • We help those who are concerned to be able to identify others who share their concerns.
  • We demonstrate unity of a large and growing group of concerned citizens.  

Stickers are available for sale on this site or you could make your own. Our stickers have been created with similar graphics so that they can be easily identified as a part of this action (unity). However you proceed, please register here by opening an account at the store or send an email. This way we will know you are out there as a concerned citizen and can track the progress of the action. We might communicate with you about the action in the future. 

We view this action as a necessary baby step. It will lead to bigger steps in the future. Those who oppose progress on global warming are organized, well financed and boisterous, but they are a small minority among Americans. I repeat, they are a small minority and in America, the majority rules. There are a lot of people doing a lot of things, but we have not yet done the thing that put it over the top, making it so the politicians have the support they need to produce the solution. Keep the faith. We will beat this thing. Become a part of the solution. 

Thank you for your participation

David Smith
PS. I think there is strength in using the car, the great polluter, as the carrier of the message. It says? This is a tough problem that will have impact on all aspects of our lives and at this point we all participate in activities that make the problem worse. I am only human. I still want to fix it.? Riding in your car, producing that CO2, is a great time to think about what you are going to do to make things right.

"The risks of (global warming) are sufficient to warrant a robust response".
Introducing the CLIMATE HAWK symbol.

The black area represents the Earth, the green is life on the surface and the blue, the atmosphere. The aggressive hawk image speaks for itself.  

The purpose of this image is to distinguish those who are concerned about Global Warming from all of the other environmental / sustainability issues. It is intended to indicate those who believe that "the risks of (global warming) are sufficient to warrant a robust response". Our Climate Hawk image, when displayed, represents a simple public statement of this. There are several variations of this image presented here.

David Roberts Introduces Climate Hawk on Grist and discusses the meaning of the words. Joe Romm adds to the discussion with "I am not an environmentalist, but I am a climate hawk" on his Blog, Climate Progress.